Tuesday, July 14, 2009

POKoK KelAPak~

Who r we to judge other?
are we deserve it??
We just same like them, we are human being..has weakness and strength. But Allah swt giving us the precious things that other creature don't have which is the brain and wisdom to be used.
So don't just simply complaint but give an advice or suggestion to improve anything problem that occurs even ur unsatisfied things.
If you don't like ur boss style/opinion
believe in
the coconut tree principals
the highest is everything and has reach beyond our boundaries
the bottom line is always keep holding to the upper

The concepts is simple. If you think ur leader are mess up all the management/group/asmnt or etc..just think like this..it not easy to be in his/her position level..his/her thinking or style is out of our boundaries and seeing it beyond of us, this is because they are above
seeing out of our box..
the downward level..
always keep complaint??
besides seeing its as opportunities
Dont Complaint much without any suggestion
the boss are always right

how to overcome this??
It depend on ur own wisdom & how to mange or overcome this situation
talk softly, persuade in the right moment
and suddenly
voice ur message
ur voice will become stronger with experience
think ur boss/lec/leader its knowledgeable and seeing beyond than u
they know what the saying about
So try to hold it
grab as much as u can

Yap it difficult to gain respect from the senior officer because we as the greenhorn just nil in practicize moreless to theories only. But when we respect them, it also will born in their heart.
Believe it..!!

Mr Black Gagak
tuju khas kepada kaki merungut

memang copy Abis-aBisan Dari Blog beliau..
bukan pe.. cikja nie memang susah sikit nak buat entry yg berilmiah mcm nie..
sbb cikja nie.. idaklah matang mcm dia nie..

so kepada semua yang asyik merungut je..
pesanan tak matang dari cikja..
merungut je mungkin benda tu bley melegakan stress kita..
hohohoh.. mcm post mortem..
dan cikja adelah org yang suka merungut..
memanglah.. tapi cikja cool.. merungut je kot.. takdelah..
sampai nak gaduh2 nie..

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S.T.O.R.Y.T.E.L.L.E.R on 14 July, 2009 said...

malas nak baca..terus je komen..hahaha..

Mr Black gagak on 15 July, 2009 said...

jhahahaha HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aku kasi pandangan ja dari org yg jahil n daif mcm aku ^_^

Mr Black gagak on 15 July, 2009 said...


dlm islam?? huhuhu pasti mendatangkan musibah ag bukan penyelesaian :P

OXYGENIZER on 16 July, 2009 said...

esok wani nk masuk asrama..