Monday, February 23, 2009

TiPS unTuk Tidur Dalam Kelas

  1. Find a spot away from the teachers desk, and other people. *port tgh2.. macam 2 baris depan 2 baris belakang.. sbb kalu blkang sgt mcm jadi aim je korang nanti*
  2. Make sure there is a friend near you to wake you up if needed. *cari teman yang bila ang tido dia berjaga.. so kalu lecturer tgk dia bagilah kertas ke menda ke*
  3. Try the "I Dropped Something" Method: Place a pencil on the floor near your desk on the right side. Place your left arm horizontally on the edge of the desk. Put forehead on the arm. Let your right arm flop down as if you are reaching for the pencil.* benda nie tak pernah plak cikja try*
  4. Try the Book Method: Set up your left arm in the same way as the last method. Open a book and place it on your lap. Place your head down on your arm. Place your right hand on the pages.*hah~.. yang nie memang bagus..
  5. Try the Book Method #2: Place a hardcover book on your desk opened to the very middle (so the pages don't turn themselves.) Put your elbows on your desk next to the book with your forearms up. Using your hands shield your eyes like a sun visor/ baseball cap.* taktik nie mcm obvious sgt jgn lah guna*
  6. Try the Desk Method: Put your arm and head in the usual positions. Reach inside your desk, as if you are rummaging for something.
  7. The "I'm taking notes method": Place some paper or notes, preferably with some writing on them, on the table. Place your left elbow on the table and rest the corner of your forehead on the heel of your left palm. Face your head downwards so that you are looking at the edge of your desk. Hold a pen in your right hand to the paper in front of you, as though you were writing something. Also, you can adjust your seat so that you tilt your head and body away from the teacher as much as possible. Switch hands where necessary so that the arm you're resting on shields you from the teacher. It's ok, they won't notice if you're a left or right-hander!* wah ini cikja selalu sgt buat.. selalu sgt2.. hahha.. cikja sukalah buat ginie..*
  8. Grab a book and put in standing up on your desk shielding your face from the teacher.
  9. Try to cup your face if you are reading something. To do this, cup your hands around your eyes and rest your chin in your palms.
  10. The long hair no-fail method: If your teacher stands in one place, and you have excessively long bangs, put them in front of your face about a few minutes before you decide to sleep. Then, fold your arms on your desk and rest your chin on your arms so your face is facing the teacher. Sweet dreams.

nota pipi:.. dulu tyme blaja cikja ade gak guna tips2 nie.. haha.. cikjakan ratu tido sikit.. cikja asal bosan sikit je cikja boley je tido.. dulu tyme baris pagi untuk PLKN pun cikja boley tertido.. ratu tido sikit.. ngantuk ate tido jelah..

**HappY MoNDaY!!!!!!**

selamat Menempuhi MINGGU INi Dengan TEnANG~

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Monkey D Luffy on 23 February, 2009 said...

suka ko ek tido dalam kelas!

_ciK ja_ on 23 February, 2009 said...

hohoh~ manade..*tersipu2*

ijechan on 23 February, 2009 said...

hahaa.. siap ada entry khas ni. memang raja tidur dalam kelas~

_ciK ja_ on 24 February, 2009 said...

hohooh.. *tersipu2lagi*